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By Adam Harris – School District 25 Communications Coordinator

In District 25, it’s personal. What inspires is personal, and what’s personal, inspires.

Upon stepping foot inside a District 25 classroom, you quickly realize how meaningful and important learning, growing and discovering is to our students and our teachers. I guess you could say it’s personal to them.

At the beginning of this school year, District 25’s Superintendent Dr. Lori Bein stood in front of and addressed just under 850 of her staff members, eager to get into their classrooms. Dr. Bein’s message was simple: “What we do here is personal to us.”

A humbling, yet impactful and powerful statement, it has brought a new awareness and new excitement as to why everyone here in District 25 wakes up ready to inspire their students. Everything done here in District 25 is done from a personal place, within.

A student’s relationship to his/her learning is personal. The relationship an administrator has with his/her teacher is personal. How a teacher communicates and teams up with a student’s parents comes from a personal place.

The way a custodian so meticulously organizes and cleans their respective school building is personal as it sets up our students and teachers for success the following school day. The smile and cheerful willingness from a front office administrative assistant to help any parent or constituent that walks into their school is personal.

And, of course, the way our teachers and staff members plan, teach, interact and develop relationships with our students is the most personal thing of all.

Oh, we cannot forget about how a Superintendent impacts her staff. That’s personal as well.

Dr. Bein’s message wasn’t one that was meant to change the world or even the way things are done around District 25. This place is already one of warmth, care and dedication. The message, however, was to be put in the back of her staffs’ minds, for maybe a rough and overwhelming day, as a reminder as to why everyone here in District 25 consciously decided to make his or her life’s work in education; a career full of impacting kids during their most vulnerable years.

District 25 in the community

Our staff’s desire to contribute to our students’ lives in such an intimate way spills over into our community. Our students are developing into young and impactful citizens in Arlington Heights. This village is their home, and there’s nothing more personal than home.

In District 25, we encourage our students to get out and experience their community. Our students and staff develop and hone their passions inside our buildings and then bring them out to the community in many ways.

Whether it be a holiday chorus concert at Luther Village or a student run fund raising effort to support a fellow student, neighboring family, the community or just a great cause, our students are highly motivated to passionately represent Arlington Heights with pride.

Thank you, Arlington Heights Community – This must be personal to you, as well.

The job of growing and impacting our youth is not one we can do alone. We need the entire Arlington Heights community’s support, and we certainly get that. District 25 so appreciates our partnerships with local organizations such as the Park District, the Library, the Arlington Heights Police and Fire Departments, the Chamber of Commerce, ABC/25, our PTA and the Village itself.

The Library brings to life the stories our students are reading with yearly author visits, giving a one-on-one experience our students and satff remember for a long time. The before and after school care via the Park District’s CAP (Children at Play) Program gives our families a reliable and engaging childcare and growth option for their children.

Safety remains our District’s top priority, and the Police and Fire Departments work tirelessly with us to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The Chamber of Commerce partners with our schools in so many ways, whether it be donating a venue or their services to a school run event, to the many World of Work days where students get to experience what it’s like to work in a real business for a day.

Our parents donate their time and vision through the PTA and ABC/25 Foundation to enhance the learning done inside each and every classroom. None of this would be possible without the Village itself, supporting our schools with a tight partnership and endless support.

It is clear that Arlington Heights is a personal place. People with passion, excitement and dedication make this Village a great place to raise a family. We, here in District 25, feel a connection to that idea, and bring what’s personal with us every day into the classroom, so that value can continue to be recycled back into our community.

To see how District 25 has become such a personal place, please visit Tweet us using the hashtag #d25ItsPersonal to let us know how District 25 is personal to you!

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