A five- to 10-year business that has multiple employees, referred to as a community builder, will utilize the resources of our Partner Connection Level Membership at $635 per year. That is only $53 per month, which includes all the benefits of the Classic and Associate level and adds more marketing and exposure opportunities. They have found greater success and longevity in the community and are actively giving back to the community through sponsorships at chamber community events like the Taste of Arlington Heights and the Craft Beer Festival. The owner is active at the community level and has their employees connecting and working on new business through the opportunities that come from Chamber connections.

A new level for a business owner who considers themselves to be a community investor, one who has seen great success and actively a leader in the Arlington Heights community is our Executive Connection Level Membership at $1,250 per year. That is only $104 per month and includes all the benefits of each level but enhanced. What this level includes that the others do not is, paid registrations for all connection events and a “You Name Your Benefit,” where you tell us what it is you need. If we have the ability to provide, connect or create it, we will.

If you identify with one of these, there is great value in connecting with the chamber of commerce. Whether you have time to invest or your time is limited, you can find success. Contact the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce at, info@arlingtonhcc.com or (847) 253-1703.