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Managing Online Reputation

You’ve spent years building your business investing untold time, sweat, and tears. You’ve missed dance recitals and soccer games as you’ve gone all in to create it. Finally you can relax… until the day when the phone calls stop, new customers fail to return and you still can’t understand why Managing Online Reputation is critical?

You still provide exceptional service and your existing customers love you. But your business is struggling. Then you learn from an existing customer that your company has some very negative reviews posted online. It finally dawns on you that your online reputation is presenting a twisted perception of reality that is really damaging your business.

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone! Unfortunately, it’s true for hundreds, if not thousands of businesses across the country.

Managing Online Reputation

Local Business Reviews = Managing Online Reputation

What people say about your company online has become the single most important reflection of your company’s quality, reliability, and skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist, a plastic surgeon, a carpet cleaner, or a painter. Fact is 70% of global consumers trust online reviews from perfect strangers when making purchasing decisions.

Continued Improvement Of Your Reputation Needs To Be Your #1 Marketing Priority

Managing Online ReputationYour number one marketing priority should be developing a 5-star online reputation. Why? Your marketing efforts in all media, whether they be online such as SEO, social media, PPC, or offline such as direct mail, magazines, radio, or TV, will ultimately lead the consumers ease of access to learn more about you online. When there, should your less than sterling or non-existent reputation will drive them away and more than likely directly to your competition.

Most business owners fail to realize is that what consumers want is information that will help them feel confident they’re making the best, most well-reasoned purchase. Today, quite a bit of that confidence comes in the form of online reviews reflecting others’ experiences.

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