Catering to Member Values Offering Relevant
Network Content, Products and Services.

Townsquared Community Network

Townsquared is a network for local businesses.

It is a private and secure online platform for businesses within a neighborhood to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Neighboring businesses share many values and challenges – sharing knowledge with each other empowers everyone to make smart decisions and succeed.


When you join, you’ll be able to:

  • Access a private local business directory
  • Receive local security alerts
  • Develop new business partnerships
  • Discover opportunities to grow your business
  • Buy, sell, borrow and give away
  • Organize, view and post events
  • Join and form industry groups
  • Be a more active member of your community!


Privacy and Security

Sharing information and collaboration requires a trusted environment. Townsquared creates this by ensuring your community is made up of exclusively verified owners and employees of businesses inside and outside your neighborhood. You are in complete control over who sees your post – those in your neighborhood, those you have connected with outside your neighborhood, or both. Our registration process is rigorous and the website is private. We have taken the following measures to create this environment:

  • Business address verification or referral from a verified business owner in their community
  • Your community and profile are not indexed by Google or any other search engine
  • All community pages are encrypted to ensure privacy using HTTPS internet protocol.
  • Townsquared never shares any of your information with third-party advertisers or solicitors

Membership Guidelines

Form meaningful relationships

Relationships are the currency of vibrant communities. Connect with people you know and those you’d like to know but haven’t met yet.

Respect others in your community

Communications between members should be transparent and respectful. Please show tolerance for different opinions and viewpoints.

Share your expertise

You’re an expert in something! Help others and be helped in turn. Your community thrives on its members actively contributing to one another.

Invite others in your business community to join

As more members join, your community grows stronger and more valuable for all members.

Keep your community honest and private

Authenticity matters. This is a private network for the people who run local businesses, created as a place to share honest thoughts, problems, and opinions. Respect the privacy of all community members. Please do not share any information without the permission of the person who shared it.

Promote others in the community

Support members of the community by promoting them to others that would value their goods and services. For the community to grow, look to help others as much as others help you.

Recommend useful resources and services

Help other businesses by sharing your experiences with resources and services you use to help run your business.

Sell, donate, or lend resources

If you’re not using something – a clothing rack, a hammer – help others in your local community by selling, donating or lending it out.

Do not aggressively solicit business

Members should not aggressively solicit business from others in the community. Members of communities support each other, but no member should aggressively solicit business from others in the community.