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Town Square University

Town Square University

Ongoing Education is Key

Important to our program is to provide for Chamber organizations across the country added value for their members in the form of ongoing education within the online and offline marketplace. To meet our goals, Town Square Publication has partnered with Udemy, the nation’s #1 online educational platform offering thousands of instructional courses addressing most any need.

Your Chamber of Commerce has been known as the go-to organization for decades simply due to the networking opportunities you offer to the local business community. The annual revenue support you receive from your dues paying members is achieved by the chambers ability to offer value and networking support for growth to those business members.

Economic conditions have changed over the past few years and that value is now challenged by the chambers ability to stay relevant while keeping pace with the technical support and education requirements for any business to remain competitive.

As Chambers are continuously challenged to stay cutting edge while remaining the leaders in their local business environment, the need for relevancy to their membership has never been greater and education is the key.

Town Square’s partnership with Udemy is designed to assure any business their investment with the Chamber is not only relevant but extremely valuable. Chambers that partner with us can enjoy knowing the added member value fulfills a void by offering relevant content and meeting their member’s educational needs with a self-paced ongoing education program. Town Square and Udemy will continuously and conveniently deliver informative education creating improved member retention all the while peaking growing interest and added value towards non-members to join your organization.

The list of topics covered is endless with instructional support at their fingertips. If member retention is slipping, if member ROI is important, if new member applicants are hard to find, if your members ask that tech question and you have no clue…

It’s this ongoing challenge of providing members new information along with continuous education of both off line and online to the marketplace that chambers so desperately need. To now offer not only maintains but solidifies chamber relevance to your members and continued revenue streams from your business community to survive.

Start learning on Udemy today!