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Celebrity Dance Studio
“We were so honored to accept the Business Service Award from Chamber630. We are so blessed to be an award-winning studio and serving in this great community.”

– Ann Garvey, Award winner

Detail Kings
“Detail Kings was awarded the 2016 Business Excellence Award in a Service Industry. That is huge accomplishment for our organization seeing there are hundreds of businesses in Chamber 630 that we beat out. We are honored and proud to
be giving this recognition in front of other chamber business leaders. Detail Kings strives to be the best in their industry and is reaching more and more customers with our incredible online reputation and walking billboards that rave about our services.”

– Paul Kludac, Award winner

Flint Architects, LLC
“I was very humbled when I received the award in 2015. The award reflects our mission statement where Flint Architects strive for a quality building design that reflects both our client’s aesthetic and practical needs. Flint Architects will provide a spark of architectural brilliance to your project.”

– Steve Flint, Award winner

Midwestern University
“Midwestern University is deeply honored to be recognized by Chamber630 for our community involvement. We proudly stand with other distinguished organizations who share our commitment to serving the community.”

– Dr. Kathleen Goeppinger, Ph.D., Award winner

“It has been a great honor to be recognized by the Chamber on multiple occasions. Aside from my personal ego boost and community press, I have had so many people from within and outside the Chamber reach out to us to cater their event or order pizzas for their company.”

– Danny Glover, Award winner

“Wannemaker’s humbling honor of the 2013 Excellence Award reminds us to constantly strive for the highest standards for our customers and community. Chamber630 is an excellent partner helping us to achieve our strong goals within the community.”

– Joe Wannemaker, Award winner

Wenzel Select Properties
“It’s a great honor and privilege to have received the Business Excellence award. We are very proud of our accomplishments and so grateful to have been recognized by our peers and Chamber630.”

– Lisa Wenzel, Award winner