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So who or what is TOWNSQUARED?

So who or what is Townsquared?

Townsquared is a free online service for small business owners and their staff to collaborate on a secure and private network with other businesses in their community. From security and neighborhood safety, government engagement and regulation, and even hiring, small businesses share many of the same problems. Despite a desire to interact more with other local owners and employees to share and find solutions, the demands of running a small business prevent many from reaching out. Townsquared opens the door allowing fellow business owners and staff to interact on a free and simple platform.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Townsquared have announced a strategic partnership to connect all San Francisco businesses in a free and secure online private network powered by Townsquared and accessible through the Chamber’s website,

“Businesses build strong communities, and thriving communities build strong businesses,” said Bob Linscheid, President & CEO, San Francisco Chamber our Commerce. “The Chamber’s partnership with Townsquared provides a new platform for all the city’s businesses to connect and collaborate for the betterment of their own business as well as our city.”

The strategic partnership delivers a free and secure online private network open to all businesses located in the City and County of San Francisco. Business owners, staff and professionals can join the network through the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce website at The network is open to all businesses – regardless of their membership status with the SF Chamber – and are verified through a security process initiated by Townsquared.

“San Francisco’s businesses share many of the same concerns and priorities when it comes to neighborhood safety, growing their business and building community,” said Nipul Patel, co-founder of Townsquared. “We’re excited that the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce has selected our network to connect San Francisco’s businesses and empower everyone to collaborate and succeed.”

TSPUBS logoA formal partnership announcement with Town Square Pubs can be expected shortly.

More immediate information is available at