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We are the innovation center of Silicon Valley with 4,000 businesses that range from the smallest startup to the tech giants whose names are known all over the world. That makes Mountain View a great place for new companies to burgeon and grow, fostered by giants of the tech industry. We are truly where local innovators meet global influencers.

In Mountain View we treasure our longstanding innovative spirit that is driven by the diversity of the people it has attracted here. On our historic Castro Street, you can sample global delicacies and experience a myriad of cultures and languages. Many people chose to live here not only because of our good schools and safe environment, but also because it is so welcoming to so many.

Each day, tens of thousands of people flow in and out of our Transit Center. Some are here for work and some are here to be a part of the fast-growing trend of technology tourism. Just across the street they can see groups of people enjoying our cafes and bistro spots while planning the next big startup, visiting with friends or both. They will also see a few unique innovations – like self-driving cars, someone testing a new live-time app, or a prototype of something the rest of us haven’t even imagined, yet.

I couldn’t be prouder of being a resident here and getting to serve the people of Mountain View as Mayor.

Pat Showalter

From the City Manager

The City of Mountain View is an active community with exceptional services. Our residents come together throughout the year for festivals, neighborhood gatherings and to give input to community leaders that helps to guide the future of our city. Our residents also proudly promote and share their community with visitors – whether it’s to enjoy world premiere performances at our Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts; a musical icon at one of world’s best concert venues (according to Rolling Stone), Shoreline Amphitheatre; enjoying our great weather at one of our many parks and trails; or enjoying world-class cuisine from our famous downtown restaurants on historic Castro Street.

We also have an engaged business community with members who sponsor free family movie nights in our city parks; connect residents with a free community shuttle; help fund technology upgrades to city facilities so we can continue to provide new and innovative services; and have helped to preserve some of our special history for future generations to enjoy.

There are so many amazing things about Mountain View, and I am honored to be part of an incredible team of dedicated city employees that works tirelessly to provide the high-quality services that continuously rank Mountain View one of the best places to live in the country. To learn more about all Mountain View and the city organization has to offer, visit our website at www.mountainview.gov.

Dan Rich
City Manager

From the Chamber President

As a third-generation resident of Mountain View, I have experienced the birth of Silicon Valley.

What was farmland is now some of the most sought after real estate in the country. Why? Because Innovation happens here.

Mountain View’s ingenuity has stood the test of time. Beginning with the likes of NASA Ames during the Space Race of the 1930s, Mountain View has gone on to incubate an environment for some of the most revolutionary technology and ideas in our world today. From the creation of the Silicon transistor by Shockley in 1956, to Fairchild in ’57, Intel in ’68, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, Adobe and Intuit in the ’80s, LinkedIn, Google and many more have all been created in Mountain View. Now with with companies such as 500 Startups and Y Combinator based in Mountain View, you can expect more revolutionary companies to be add to this list.

The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce fuels economic prosperity in our community by delivering high-quality services to our members, residents, visitors and employees. Our Chamber represents almost 500 member businesses, who employ over 40,000 people each day in Mountain View.

Whether you live, work or play here, I encourage you to enjoy the rich offerings of our vibrant city and the welcoming nature of our diverse community. The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce is here to help you maximize your personal enjoyment and professional success.

Tony Siress
President & CEO