A Great Place to Live Davidson County

A Great Place to Live Davidson County

Davidson County is an attractive place to live, whether you’re a young family starting out in Lexington or a retiree looking for a safe and relaxing place on High Rock Lake.

“Davidson County is a great place to live and raise a family,” said real estate agent Deborah Saintsing, who is a life resident of the area. “Our central location in the state makes it a very enviable place to reside. We have vibrant towns and communities within short distances of boating, hiking, camping, biking, fishing, or scuba diving.

“I would not want to live anywhere else.”

The market for first-time homebuyers is robust, with new developments that are providing some variety. Attractive developments are found in Lexington and northern Davidson County such as the Vineyards in Lexington and Meadowfield in Clemmons.

For move-up buyers, “There have been several developments in Lexington such as Wilkes Creek and again in northern Davidson County such as Celo Knob Trail, which is Davidson County with a Kernersville address,” Saintsing said. “Existing home sales have done especially well for those that have been updated for the move-up buyers.”

Another sought-after subdivision is Steeplegate, which is in nearby Trinity, said longtime real estate agent Ben Watford.

“Low taxes, great school districts and Southern hospitality are some of the reasons Davidson County is a great place to live,” he said.

High Rock Lake is another popular area, with plenty of year-round and vacation homes available.

The lake is the second-largest in the state, covering more than 15,000 acres, with 365 miles of shoreline. High Rock is on the boundary of Davidson and Rowan counties and serves as a reservoir for hydroelectric power generation. In addition to boating, people enjoy fishing for bass, crappie and catfish, among others.

“The market is doing really well on the lake,” Watford said.

The market is ideal for homebuyers because the prices are more affordable than similar lakes near large markets such as Charlotte and Raleigh.

“There has been more of a transition on High Rock Lake toward permanent residences as opposed to strictly vacation homes,” Saintsing said. “It is such a convenient location and there is so much there to offer the whole family,” she said. “Who wouldn’t want to have coffee each morning with a view of that beautiful lake?”

North Carolina is a popular location for retirees, and Saintsing has worked with many couples who are downsizing.

“Typically I see them going into condos and nice townhomes where there is less maintenance and little to no yard work,” she said. “Davidson County is also enjoying a trend for being a place out-of-state buyers want to move to. We offer lots of great services, convenience and lower property taxes.”

Saintsing also noted that “there has been a recent trend among all buyers for less wasted space – sort of a minimalist trend. It has not taken complete root yet but I do see it more.”

One of the most coveted spaces for some families and singles is the new Big Chair Lofts rental development, which is in the heart of Thomasville’s downtown shopping area. The location is a redevelopment of the old Thomasville Furniture Mill, and combines details such as hardwood floors with modern appliances and fixtures.

One- and two-bedroom options are available at Big Chair Lofts. In addition to amenities in each unit, such as huge windows, tall ceilings and fully equipped kitchens, the community extras include a business center, game room, resident theater and picnic area.

Saintsing is like many Davidson County residents – she values the convenience of an area that boasts just about everything she wants, and is close to the mountains and the coast.

“It is very easy to sell people on the idea that this is a great place to live,” she said.