Non-Dues Revenue Publisher

“Catering to Member Values offering Relevant Networking Content, Products and Services”

Print publications are making a comeback in a big way. What has become a major contributor to this increased interest is multi-faceted to include wide ranging technology developments over the years. A major shift has taken the advertising marketplace by storm with the biggest contributor to this shift being tech based. Through education businesses have now begun to realign their marketing budgets in search of better choices for improving their marketing ROI. For chambers to remain relevant to their member base in utilizing a printed networking tool, they too, the chambers, have also begun to realign as to what they consider as relevant networking values with hopes to retain their member’s interest in their printed format being part of their annual non-dues revenue.

About Us:

Town Square Publications, a division of the Daily Herald Media Group, is a custom publishing group that specializes in developing partnerships by producing high-quality print and digitally integrated publications along with other added value programs dedicated to creating relevancy for local chambers of commerce and other membership focused organizations interested in raising non-dues revenues.

Town Square Publications parent company, Paddock Publications, with over 100 years’ experience of print product development and dedicated customer service in communities throughout the Midwest, allows Town Square Publications to offer you attractive royalty and non-dues revenue share streams, provide direct distribution of your custom designed printed publications, including digital and mobile integration, and all with the quickest turn-around times available in the industry.

Chambers of Commerce and member focused organizations serve as a valuable resource in the local marketplace. The networking opportunities and representation with a wide variety of diverse businesses in your community is the catalyst of a successful organization. Providing quality networking opportunities for your members to include both offline and online marketing programs is all part of those values. These values are critical in maintaining your relevance to the business community in an ever changing environment. Delivering a quality on time publication is just one piece of the puzzle and should be accomplished in a hassle free process with integrity, professionalism and ultimate satisfaction for all. Loyal member support within any organization can and always is achieved when programs, products and services exceed expectations.

As your members have invested in your chamber, isn’t it time to invest back into your members? Give your members that extra networking edge so desperately needed to stay competitive in the 21st century. Maintain and grow your organization with added value that can truly make a difference while building a solid stream of non-dues revenues month-after-month, year-after-year.

…. welcome to Town Square Publications