Mayor’s Welcome

As Mayor of Addison, I send my warmest greetings to you. Whether you are a new or longtime resident, a member of our growing business community or are visiting Addison for the first time, please accept my words of welcome.

What brings you to Addison? I can tell you that for my wife Mary Ann and me, and our family, it’s the people of our community. A new resident can move to Addison, as we did 45 years ago, raise a family and have your children attend our school systems. Our residents become involved and give back to our community, as I did starting as chairman of the Substance Responsibility Commission in the early 1980s, moving on to the village board as a trustee in 1992 and now serving in my second term as mayor. Our residents may move a second or third time while in Addison, but it’s always home to them!

As I travel within Addison each day, residents will approach me to ask a question, let me know about an issue in their neighborhood or offer a word of support for one of our new initiatives. It’s that interest in Addison that helps me stay connected with our residents. A spirit of community is everywhere throughout Addison, and I invite you to experience the Addison Advantage.

Warmest regards,

Rich Veenstra