Advocacy Program

During the fall of each year, the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Council develops its legislative priorities. These priorities serve as the foundation for tracking proposed legislation at all levels of government. It is with this foundation that the Chamber’s continuing effort to improve the Long Beach regional business climate is shaped. Below is a list of the Chamber’s recent priority accomplishments.

Chamber Protects Jobs with Aggressive Agenda. Each year, the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors approve the Chamber’s Policy Platform. The Policy Platform serves as a roadmap for action each year on legislative issues of importance to the Long Beach business community. The Platform also serves as the Chamber’s continuing commitment to improving the local economy by representing the interests of Long Beach businesses at all levels of government.

Award Winning Advocacy Program. The Chamber continues to be recognized by the California Chamber of Commerce by receiving the President’s Circle Award for holding elected state officials accountable by publishing how they voted with the Chamber. For an unprecedented fifth year in a row, and every year since its inception, the Chamber continues to receive high accolades for its advocacy program.

The Leader in Revolutionizing Advocacy. The Chamber believes in giving its members and the business community the tools to assist in fostering positive change for the business community. We urge you to take action and keep informed by visiting, in order to help fight legislation and measures that hurt business.

Taking Action. The Chamber took action on over 50 pieces of local, state and federal pieces of legislation – including several ballot measures – that aimed to impact the bottom line of business in one form or another. We communicate these positions to Long Beach area legislators ensuring our members and the Long Beach business community have a seat at the table in the public policy process.

Holding Our Legislators Accountable to the Business Community. The Chamber tracks the voting records of Long Beach area legislators as it relates to potential laws that may impact your business or your ability to create jobs. The Long Beach Area Chamber holds local politicians accountable to their votes by publishing their individual vote record each year. If they vote against business we actively recruit people to replace them in office.

Protecting the Future of Our Ports and Airport. The Long Beach Area Chamber is one of the most proactive supporters of trade and port growth. The Chamber continues to aggressively fight burdensome regulations and legislation that would limit port growth and prevent new job creation at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles and our own Long Beach Airport.

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Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce PAC

The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for funding candidates and issues that seek to improve the economic vitality of the Long Beach business community. The PAC funding is raised separately from Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce membership dues. The PAC uses its direct contributions from donors to help fund candidate and issue campaigns.