Best Places to Live in Edison

Best Places to Live in Edison NJ

The unique lifestyle of Edison continues to draw in residents and prospective business owners. Not only does its location between two major cities and the largest port on the East Coast create a highly accessible location, its safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, beautiful parks, culture and quality housing create an enviable environment for families and retirees alike.

Edison boasts a top educational system that includes 17 public schools, numerous private schools and outstanding higher learning facilities. Its park and recreation options are just as notable, with access to a more than 50 golf courses and 20-plus park sites. The 217-acre Roosevelt Park is a great place to catch entertainment at the open-air theater, while the Dismal Swamp — a National Wild Bird Refuge — is a perfect locale for any nature lover. The Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, Plays in the Park, the Edison Arts Society and community events such as Annual Family Day continue to enrich the cultural side of town.

High quality home options in one-of-a-kind neighborhoods add to the overall appeal of Edison. The township offers housing to all income levels, from modern apartment complexes and condominiums to custom single-family homes to historic neighborhoods. The area also provides two senior living communities to accommodate those in their golden years. New residential development continues throughout Edison to meet the housing needs of a growing population.

The area is well-served by a number of knowledgeable Realtors and developers ready to work with new or potential residents. Visit the Edison Chamber of Commerce’s website at for a list of preferred vendors.