Best Places to Live Leesburg

Best Places to Live Leesburg FL

Whether you are looking for a view of beautiful lakes, horses or golf courses, the Leesburg area has the home for you. The recent boom in residential development has resulted in a variety of housing options, prices and styles to choose from.

At the turn of the century, successful people left small towns and moved to the city. In the 1950s, they moved to the suburbs. But today, the process has come full circle as people return to their roots, seeking out those smaller communities with their tree-lined streets, friendly shopkeepers and small governments.

They’re looking for a place like Leesburg in Lake County. With an affordable cost of living, low crime rate, low population density and abundant outdoor activities, it’s easy to understand the attraction of our charming yet growing community. Whether you are looking for new construction in a master-planned community or an older home in an established neighborhood, housing in Leesburg is a real bargain.

Since their arrival in Lake County in 1913, the Pringle family has earned a reputation as one of Lake County’s most highly regarded residential developers. When Frederick Pringle and partners began developing Silver Lake Estates and the adjacent Golf and Country Club, the Pringle legacy was born in this area. After a hiatus in which the family concentrated on the cattle business, the Pringles returned to development in 1981.