Business & Industry

The Millburn-Short Hills area enjoys a thriving economy, with businesses that range from major companies to local shops and services. Due to zoning protection requirements throughout the township, the business environment consists of predominantly light industry as well as several shopping districts and the Mall at Short Hills.

A variety of corporate headquarters and regional offices are located in office parks along a main thoroughfare. Several banks and financial institutions also have regional and corporate offices in the Millburn-Short Hills area. Management, legal, accounting, engineering, medical and consulting businesses add to the diverse mix.

“When I joined Millburn-Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad in 2015, I was looking for a volunteer opportunity to give back to my community. I never realized just how big of an impact it would have on my life. What makes the first aid squad different, is the ability to be there for people when they need us most – not only as a qualified emergency medical technicians – but also as members of the community looking out for our own. We’re serving the town 24/7, because we want to help our friends, family and neighbors. Every member shares and contributes to this mission. This isn’t a job – it’s a passion.”

– Bryan D., Millburn
Short Hills Volunteer First Aid Squad

“We look forward to coming to Opportunity Project every day to work on our pre-vocational and cognitive skills. Opportunity Project is a great place for us to connect with others that understand our challenges on our journey to recovery from brain injury. Thank you Opportunity Project for helping us to rebuild our lives!”

– Opportunity Project participants

Greenwood Gardens promises you an opportunity to activate your senses, touch nature, view beauty and contemplate history – every time you visit. As you enter the gardens, Greenwood transports you to a quieter, gentler time in a unique, historic oasis. Solitude is enriched by birds, blooms, greenery and the changing seasons. Here, you can roam freely through a peaceful garden; be greeted by the honking of geese and an occasional crowing rooster; be enveloped by the grace of modern dance; revel in chamber music and jazz; or share with your children the thrill of hummingbird pollination and a butterfly release. Come, experience a world apart at Greenwood Gardens!

– Greenwood Gardens