Chamber Connection

The Chamber brings together community leaders and decision-makers to focus on what really matters: the economy, workforce, leadership, education, quality of life and entrepreneurship. We provide opportunities for you and your employees to connect with other business leaders, enhance your skills and engage with the community. The mission of the Chamber is to work in partnership with businesses, individuals and governmental entities to promote commerce and tourism while maintaining the environment.

The Chamber gives you a seat at the table to engage with community leaders, learn from your peers and gain visibility with potential customers. We help build your social capital by connecting you to other businesses, giving you access to community leaders, developing relationships and helping you gain visibility in the Rockport-Fulton area.

The Chamber provides opportunities to showcase your leadership in the community, increase your potential and develop partnerships to help achieve your goals. We help your business grow by offering an array of educational training and workshops geared toward small and medium-sized businesses. Each Wednesday, a representative from the Small Business Development Center is available for free consultation services.

When you think of the role of a Chamber in a community, it is anything and everything to impact the local economy. When the economy is steadily strong, the community is functioning well. When you think of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber, think of it as an airplane flying over a community. Using the acronym PLANE, it captures the main focus areas of the Rockport-Fulton Chamber.

Promotion – To cause a strong advertising and promotion plan for the community to grow tourism.

Leadership – To train and orientate future leaders so the charming aspect of our community can be maintained for years to come.

Advocacy – To advocate on your behalf for community needs whether it be on the local, state or national level.

Networking – To provide outstanding opportunities for you to meet and grow your business by making new contacts and generating new leads for your business.

Economy – To focus on building a strong economy.

There are more than 20 councils and committees that work diligently in making the above items happen. Each council or committee is made up of 12 or more interested individuals. Sometimes they are business owners/managers and sometimes they are retired individuals. The Chamber staff work as liaisons with each group establishing the continuity needed to carryout the programs and events year after year.

Our office and visitors’ center is located across from Rockport Harbor. Please stop in for a visit. We would love to meet you and get you involved!

Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center 319 Broadway, Rockport, TX 78382

10 Reasons Why
You Should Live in Aransas County

1. Everybody knows your name

Small town living offers you a chance to be known in your community. In Rockport-Fulton, you are not just a “number,” you can make a name for yourself if you desire. Soon after you move to Rockport-Fulton, you will find it is easy to be a “big fish” in a small pond. Whether it be volunteer work, philanthropy or just being part of the community in little ways, you have an opportunity to make your mark.

2. Here by choice

Often people say, “I did everything I could to get to live here as fast as I could.” This makes for great attitudes amongst the people in the community. The people are here because they want to be. First impressions are everything, and when you meet others they will ask you, “where are you from?” not “where do you work?”

3. Only 11 traffic light intersections

We often hear so much of your time is absorbed in traffic. This is valuable time you could be enjoying or relaxing at home. With only 11 intersections with traffic lights in our entire county, there are literally no traffic hold ups. Traffic light signals rotate so much faster than in large populated cities.

4. Park’s big bang for your buck

Aransas County, one of the smallest counties in Texas, encompasses 256 square miles. Outdoor areas are plentiful with City of Rockport and Town of Fulton parks, Goose Island State Park, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Aransas Pathways venues, fabulous waterfront piers and marinas. There are more parks for the size of our county than in any other county in Texas and a bonus is a pristine Rockport Beach Park and Pavilion area!

5. Short drive to major metros

What is also neat, is our proximity to major metropolitan cities. We are basically three hours away from four large cities giving you access to big-city amenities within a day’s drive.

6. No parking or toll road fees

Think about all the times you pay to park or what you pay in toll road fees. Those extra dollars can lead to great savings for the future.

7. Local eateries

Our restaurants feature a laid back, local atmosphere; they are not corporate chains. They specialize in cooking your catch if that’s your thing. The owners work hard to provide the freshest and best meal for you at less-than-big-city prices.

8. Shine at school

Our enrollment number of 2,800 students spread over only four campuses gives students rewarding opportunities for leadership and positions they might have not been able to achieve in big-city schools. It offers the chance for students to be more, and stand out in the crowd.

9. Nature and wildlife abound

Life is meant to be an experience. Having natural habitat all around you brings lots of wildlife to enjoy. It makes for pleasant, peaceful living. Bird enthusiasts can get their fill. On any given day throughout the year, you will see them set up with their cameras capturing the beauty that our environment creates. Where else can you see 75 to 100 different bird species in a day?

10. The Water

Saved the best for the last! Life is better, simply said, on or near the water. It is relaxing and rejuvenating whether you see it, touch it, hear it, sport in it, fish it or love it. Phenomenal sportfishing abounds in our bays. Outdoor recreation has long been the main attraction for our area. With 20,000 acres of pristine bays around our peninsula, it’s a wonderful setting to enjoy life.