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City of Rapid City Government Services

The City of Rapid City is a vibrant growing community nestled in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Known as the City of Presidents, Rapid City has a rich history of patriotism coupled with a culture rich in Native American tradition and rural American life.

In the past 10 years, Rapid City has seen development growth with the services, expansion of businesses and the revitalization of our downtown. The creation of Main Street Square has dramatically changed the look, feel and activity of the downtown district.

Rapid City Insights

Government structure: Council-Mayor

  • Council members serve a three-year terms
  • 10 council members, composed of five wards with two council members from each ward
  • Mayor will begin serving four-year terms in 2019
  • City council meetings are held the first and third Monday of every month beginning at 6:30 p.m. and can we seen at

Time zone: Mountain


Mayor’s Office
(605) 394-4110

Rapid City Police Department
(605) 394-4133 *non-emergency number

Rapid City Fire Department
605) 394-4180 *non-emergency number

Rapid City Public Library
(605) 394-6139

Rapid City Regional Airport
(605) 394-4195

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
(605) 394-4119

Public Works
(605) 394-4154

Parks & Recreation
(605) 394-4175

(605) 394-4143

Community Planning & Development
(605) 394-4120

City Attorney’s Office
(605) 394-4140

Pennington County

Pennington County is the second most populous county in South Dakota and is home to a wide range of geographies, people and communities. Within its 2,784 square miles, Pennington County spreads from the Black Hills National Forest to Badlands National Park and encompasses seven cities.

Pennington County Insights

Government structure: Commission

  • Five commissioners, composed of five districts with one commissioner per district
  • Commission Chairman elected by commissioners

(605) 394-2188

911 Dispatch
(605) 718-2911
*non-emergency number

Auditor’s Office
(605) 394-2153

Board of Commissioners
(605) 394-2171

Emergency Management Department
(605) 394-2180

Equalization Department
(605) 394-2175

Fire Administration Department
(605) 394-5367

Health & Human Services Department
(605) 394-2156

Veterans Services
(605) 394-2266

Highway Department
(605) 394-2166

Planning Department
(605) 394-2186

Public Defender’s Office
(605) 394-2181

Register of Deeds
(605) 394-2177

Sherriff’s Office
(605) 394-6113
*non-emergency number

State’s Attorney
(605) 394-2191

Treasurer’s Office
(605) 394-2163

Weed & Pest
(605) 394-5320

Population: 109,372