City of Roma

Welcome to Roma Texas

The historic district of Roma was designated in 1990 as a historic national monument. To roam its streets is to encounter the past of a glorious, prosperous city, and one that’s in line to become one of the major cities with economic growth for its location.

Visit the museum, world center for birds, open theater, and shops decorated with antiques. This is where the traditions and customs of yesteryear are conserved. Where the past meets the present. Don’t stop coming to Roma, the eternal city, located on a cliff that looks out to the Rio Grande, and marks the end of the Sierra de Picachos o de Cerralvo. Bed of conquistadores of this new region, enjoy one of the most panoramic views of the region.

The City of Roma: It’s a city to walk, and ride a bicycle. It has a bird observatory and a river walk. A place where you can enjoy the clean air with a smell of history.

City of Roma
P.O. Box 947 • Covent Roma, TX 78584-0947