Community of Weslaco

Community of Weslaco

Weslaco, the logistic center of the Rio Grande Valley, is just 15 minutes to the east of McAllen and 15 minutes to the west of Harlingen on U.S. Expressway 83. Different from other cities in the Rio Grande Valley, Weslaco combines the growth and commerce of a thriving metropolis with the charm and relaxed feel of a small community. Weslaco is quickly becoming the economic center of the Rio Grande Valley and local, regional, national and international investors are taking notice.

Downtown Weslaco retains the charm and beauty that gives a true heart and soul to the city, which attracts locals and visitors for shopping and dining. Along Expressway 83, you will find major retail chains creating the perfect blend of small-town and big-city shopping. Every month, enjoy live jazz music, art displays and delicious food at Alfresco Weslaco, right on Texas Blvd. Stop by the farmers’ market every Thursday for locally grown produce and all kinds of delicious food.

Weslaco is the center of the Valley’s nature tourism, with three prominent nature parks. The World Birding Center at Estero Llano Grande State Park, located at 3301 S. International Blvd., is a 230-acre refuge that attracts a spectacular array of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and South Texas wildlife. Frontera Audubon, in the middle of town, is 15 acres of restored native habitat once part of the historic Skaggs estate. The Valley Nature Center, also in the heart of Weslaco, is six acres of nature featuring lush vegetation, a cactus garden, bog ponds and a butterfly garden. All three nature parks are home to a myriad of migrating birds in the fall, winter and spring seasons.

History and culture are two more of Weslaco’s rich resources. The downtown Weslaco Museum features an exhibit on the city’s history, local heroes and traveling exhibits throughout the year. The Tower Theater and Mayor Eugene A. Braught Memorial Theater host a variety of plays year-round. The historic Villa de Cortez, which opened in the late 1920s, is one of Weslaco’s oldest buildings and features beautiful Spanish architecture.

Texas Onion Fest celebrates the sweet Texas onion, which was developed in Weslaco at the Texas A&M University Extension Service. Held every year at the end of March, Texas Onion Fest features live entertainment, dancing horses, recipe contests, cooking demonstrations, delicious food, including the popular blooming onion, and so much more!

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