Chamber Welcome

Dear Friends, Neighbors & Chamber Members, Welcome to the 2019 Des Plaines Chamber Community Guide & Chamber Directory!

I am honored to be the elected president of the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2019, as this city embarks on incredible growth, changing the face of our downtown and welcoming new businesses. As a 40-year resident of Des Plaines, I truly believe in our community and I am especially proud of those businesses and organizations who have been in Des Plaines for generations. In with the new, but preserving and valuing our past. It is an exciting time to be in Des Plaines!

LSG Sky Chefs, the world’s leading airline catering company owned by Lufthansa Airlines, has been a member of the Des Plaines Chamber since 2015 – before we even broke ground on Touhy Avenue.

You might ask why a major corporation, whose customer contracts are secured at a global level, would join the Chamber? Let me share some of the benefits that we have experienced through our engagement with Chamber members: advertised new jobs in our local papers to hire 125 of our employees from Des Plaines and 500 from surrounding suburbs; started a shuttle bus service for our employees; booked over 4,000 rooms with local hotels for start-up teams and visitors; hosted local banks on site to assist employees in opening bank accounts; hired two leadership employees through the Veterans Back to Work Boot Camp and Job Fair; had local health professionals offer their expertise at our annual Employee Health Fair; partnered with Oakton Community College to do on-site training, even attaining a grant; spent millions of dollars over the last three years with local suppliers; gave back to the community through the food pantry, as well as participated in community events; employees’ children obtained educational assistance through the Scholarship Foundation; management staff attends the Chamber’s Leadership Series; enjoyed regular contact with government officials at chamber events, where our voices are heard.

I hope you realize all of the opportunities that the Chamber has to offer beyond obtaining new business. I promise you, we will continue to add and drive value for our members, including some exciting new programs starting in 2019!

Please enjoy, use, and share this year’s guide highlighting our businesses and organizations. They
are the best!

Cindy Veremis

Des Plaines Chamber
Board President

LSG Sky Chefs
Regional Human Resources Director

Upward movement is a common theme for our members this year. This means we will support each other as we grow our businesses and become more active in the community. We are excited to announce expanded member services, networking opportunities and specialty groups.

Did you know the Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce has been part of the Des Plaines community for 85 years? After spending 30 years in our offices on Oakton Street, the Chamber moved into our new home on Touhy Avenue. Our new home has a larger meeting room to accommodate the needs of our growing membership and our successful Veterans Boot Camp.

The office is open and available to members who stop by to grab a cup of coffee and check their email.  Members are also welcome to place company information on our brochure rack that serves as a community resource.

We recently launched a monthly Social Impact meeting that will give both nonprofit and for-profit organizations an opportunity to share information about having a positive impact on the community. The Chamber also plans to establish a Volunteer Sharing Bank consisting of people willing to give time/supplies to nonprofit organizations. A Community Resource Fair will be held this summer.

On other fronts, our Women in Business Power Hour and “First Friday” meetings are growing. The non-compete networking groups, The DEN Group and B2B Connections, are adding new members. Finally, we’ve been working on creating themes to make scheduled events more interesting and fun. Come golf at our Western “Par-Tee” Golf Classic this fall at Chevy Chase Country Club and save the date for the Winter Garden Ball. “The Adventure Begins”
on February 7.

Our goal is to help every member of the Des Plaines Chamber enjoy “upward movement” by connecting you to potential customers and friends through our events, meetings, seminars and socials. Thank you for your support!

Andrea Biwer
Executive Director
Des Plaines Chamber of Commerce & Industry