Dining and Entertainment

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The early years of Apple Valley offered many entertainment and dining possibilities — a tradition that continues today. Probably the most famous dining and dance hall, The Branding Iron set the tone for unique entertainment in Apple Valley. While it no longer exists, the ideals of fun, great food and meeting your friends and neighbors in a relaxing atmosphere is still prevalent in our dining establishments today.

Apple Valley offers a host of outstanding family run restaurants that reflect the pride of the owners. There are all kinds of choices, including steak houses, Italian, Mexican and American style. They are like old friends, offering great atmosphere and comfort.

You can step into an Italian restaurant, seemingly right out of Brooklyn, where the owner has been known, on occasion, to sing a perfect rendition of Tony Bennett to his patrons. You can join the Country crowd and learn line dancing after your dinner of steak and baked potato. Taste the great margaritas and dip into great salsa at the neighborhood Mexican restaurant. Country cafés offer great hamburgers or fried chicken and mashed potatoes in a warm, friendly setting. You choose!

After dinner, you can see a nearby movie or watch a play. In the summer, you can catch a baseball game at the Stater Bros. Stadium or go dancing at one of the several local nightspots. Karaoke is popular in several pubs, and some of the local talent is outstanding.

If you like a fine glass of wine, the local wine club hosts dinners that feature a sampling of the appropriate wines with the appropriate meal.

Don’t have time for a sit-down dinner? Grab your meal on the run with any number of fast food restaurants in town, from hamburgers to burritos. A bag of burgers is perfect before a high school football game in the Newton T. Bass Stadium.