Doing Business in Old Town

“Being located in such a historic neighborhood has created a strong sense of community with our neighbors. Over the years we have garnered many regular customers that dine or visit the bar weekly, and in some cases, almost daily. These Old Town customers have become close acquaintances and even good friends in many cases.”

Tom Reda
Topo Gigio Ristorante

“Our customers may have started as kids when we first opened, and now they have grown up and have their own children. That’s how Old Town takes care of its neighbors and keeps its wonderful vibe.”

Dino Lubbat
Dinotto Pizza e Vino

“Old Town is special because we have a five-generation, 130-year history in this neighborhood. My great-grandfather established this shop, he walked these streets. Our roots here have a tremendous impact on our commitment to this community.”

Christopher Donovan
House of Glunz