Finding Your Home in Thurston County

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Thurston County enjoys a stable real estate market with growing commercial, industrial and retail segments, and a residential sector that offers a variety of affordable housing and rental options. Visitors often ask about where they should look to purchase a home in Thurston County.

This question is hard to answer when living in such a diverse, yet close-knit community such as the Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater area. Neighborhoods vary from each other in many ways and often will even differ from street to street in some cases. It is a matter of location and personal preference when seeking a home, and a decision that only homeowners can make.

When searching for a home in Thurston County, the best way to look is through a professional. To locate a real estate agent or contractor that is right for you, check out the Buyer’s Guide in the back of this publication.

Average Home Sale Price in Thurston County
1-2 Bedroom $239,822
3 Bedroom $265,602
4 Bedroom $330,356
5+ Bedroom $359,942

Average rent in Thurston County
1 Bedroom $979
2 Bedroom $1,048

Average of all rentals $1,187