Mayor’s Welcome

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It’s an honor to serve as your mayor and work with community partners like the Fresno Chamber of Commerce to help build a better, safer and more prosperous place to live. As a former business owner, I’ve seen firsthand the direct connection between the leadership of the Chamber and the success of my company. That’s why I’m happy to once again extend a giant thank you to the Chamber and your members for everything you do to help make our community great.

Thanks to the Chamber’s endorsement and support, we’re creating jobs and incentivizing growth, improving public safety and reducing vagrancy, increasing the size and quality of our housing stock and streamlining the process to help small business not just survive but thrive. Most important, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce offers a number of opportunities for its members to hear directly from elected officials on the local, regional and statewide level, and their sponsorship of the mayor’s State of the City address is one of the must-attend events in Fresno every year.

The most important tool for my administration is collaboration, a tool that is crucial to our city’s success and our strong relationship with the Chamber is paying great dividends. On behalf of everyone at city hall, let me share my thanks and appreciation for the unshakable support of the Fresno Chamber and its members. Your continued commitment to provide a better quality of life for our residents as well as our businesses has made a tremendous difference in this great city.


Lee Brand