Residential Living

There are countless reasons why nearly 550,000 people call Fresno home, and the real estate market is just one of them. One of the standout features of the Fresno area is its diverse housing options.

The rich history of Fresno is evidenced in its century-old homes that exude a French colonial flavor, classic Spanish Revival style homes and the elegance of English Tudor. Traditional designs feature native Californian bungalows, charming Italian villas and comfortable ranches. Neighborhoods with meticulously manicured lawns, gardens in bloom with colors accentuated by the sun and tree-lined streets, all add to the allure of living in Fresno. The median home value in Fresno is $243,700.

Downtown is now buzzing with young professionals, artists, families, entrepreneurs and even four-legged friends who crave the newly created urban lifestyle. Options include urban lofts, multi-story townhouses with amazing views and balconies, live-work units, artist studios and family-friendly spaces with multiple bedrooms and attached garages. Many of these housing options are state of the art and ecofriendly, providing the occupants with comfort and peace of mind in knowing they are saving precious resources.

Whether a buyer is looking for a larger home to accommodate a growing family, upgrading to a layout that is ideal for entertaining or downsizing after retirement, Fresno offers something for everyone.

Fresno also has a vast number of options available for its older population, including several senior and assisted-living facilities. There has been an increased interest in senior living as evidenced by the construction of the facilities in northwest Fresno and others currently in the permitting process.