Whether coming or going, Orlando Melbourne International Airport can get one and all there.

One stop to hundreds of destinations worldwide

Next stop Paris? Maybe Cancun? How about Tokyo? With legacy airlines like American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, you can literally fly one stop to just about anywhere in the world. American flies nonstop to Charlotte multiple times a day from Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

For many, Charlotte is their final destination, but beyond that are over 160 other destinations awaiting with just one more takeoff and landing. That goes for Delta too, with Atlanta’s network ramping up another 220 destinations worldwide.

You’ll find yourself surprised at how many destinations are also a necessary one-stop travel option from neighboring airports. The nonstop options may also only be available on select days, forcing you to travel a day earlier or later than originally intended. At Orlando Melbourne International Airport, you can be sure to find your coastal casual one-stop option any day of the week on our trusted airlines. Explore your list of one-stop travel options at and Save time and money

One hour there, plus one hour back. Now double that. That’s four hours, give or take, of your time when your parents, long-lost cousin or group of college friends come into town through that other behemoth airport in Central Florida. When planning with family and friends that are coming to town for their vacation, convince them to fly MLB. It saves you time and money.

Plane delayed? Relax in the waiting area … the beach

Put simply: things happen! Occasionally, airlines experience unexpected issues like weather that cause for flight delays. Many times, this could mean you’re stuck at an airport restaurant or playing Candy Crush in an uncomfortable seat for hours. That’s not the case at MLB.

Of course, you’re welcome to stay at the airport, but we suggest our other waiting area, the beach. With today’s real time text and email updates from the airlines and MLB just minutes from the beach, a delay is the perfect excuse to soak up more sun. Add mobile check-in to the equation and all you have to do is go through security, which at MLB, is a breeze.

Short lines, great service

Speaking of MLB’s security lines, our TSA agents provide short wait times and spectacular customer service. They are the best of the best when it comes to our passengers’ safety and travel experience.

MLB is a true concierge airport from the hardworking Sky Caps at the curb assisting with heavy luggage to the friendly Delta agents providing cookies and fresh lemonade for arriving passengers. It takes a team to exceed expectations, and that’s exactly what Team MLB aims to do.

Comparable prices

Nowadays, it all comes down to research when booking flights. Legacy airlines are competing with low cost carriers on airfare, but there are comparable prices out there. In a social media marketing campaign promoting MLB’s one stop flights around the world, MLB social media mascot #MelBear discovered cheaper airfare out of MLB than other area airports. Research proved that Delta’s airfare to Paris was in fact five dollars less than MCO and only one minute longer travel time.

The time savvy travelers take to research their travel plans has a payoff. The research results in comparable prices, stress-free travel and trustworthy service. So, the next time you fly, make sure to check MLB too. uInformation in this article was provided by Orlando Melbourne International Airport.