Enhancing the value of our community is the working mission of the City of Covina’s elected officials and professional staff. A mayor and four-member City Council govern Covina. A professional city manager and an assistant city manager guide the community’s day-to-day operations.

Police protection is provided by a full-time police force. The department is very active in community outreach efforts including a successful anti-crime program and an annual “National Night Out” program.

Thanks to the efforts of its police force, Covina residents enjoy a very safe environment in which to live and raise their families. Recent FBI statistics show that Covina’s crime rate is even lower than that of several more affluent communities in Southern California.

Fire protection is provided by the professional firefighters of Los Angeles County. With an integrated 911 system, all emergency services are just a phone call away.

Covina also has its own Public Works department, which oversees public engineering, environmental services, streets and public facilities, and maintenance of the city’s water supply.

Covina encourages community involvement through a variety of boards, commissions and committees. Citizens provide advice to the Council on items ranging from long-term planning to parking and traffic control. Additionally, these groups add to the value of Covina through culturally enriching projects like the “Vintage Years, Covina Before 1950” historic exhibit at City Hall.

Covina’s many service clubs have a long history of participating in the growth and development of their community. Several of these organizations sponsor fun, family-oriented activities during the year, ensuring that Covina remains a pleasant community in which to live, work, play and raise a family.

This busy community of service organizations includes the Covina Coordinating Council, Covina Rotary Club, Covina Valley Historical Society, Covina Woman’s Club, Kiwanis Club/South Hills, Covina Lions Breakfast Club, Soroptimist International of Covina/West Covina and the Covina Sunrise Rotary Club. Youth services include the Boy and Girl Scouts as well as YWCA and YMCA.

Why Consider a Career in Local Government?
As a whole generation of Baby-Boomers begins to retire, we in local government are searching for energetic learning-oriented younger workers and talented second- or third-career older workers. Public service is a wonderfully fulfilling career for a number of reasons:

1. Meaningful, challenging work
Local government service is inherently meaningful because our work is related to building and improving communities. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and building inspectors keep us safe; engineers and public works staff build and re-build the physical infrastructure; city planners help envision and shape future city growth; recreation, arts and culture, and library professionals enhance community life. City management takes the aspirations of residents and the policy goals of the elected City Council and puts those aspirations and goals into action.

Public service at the local level is also fulfilling because employees see the fruits of their labors. On a daily basis, local government employees see street and other infrastructure improvements, new buildings coming out of the ground, safety improvements and happier and more fulfilled children, families and senior citizens.

Public service at the local level is also challenging work. The efforts of local government workers happen in the context of local government where everyone gets to participate; everyone has a say.

Every day presents new challenges, new problems and lots of stimuli.

2. Steady Demand for Services
Another reason to consider local government is that the public needs, wants and demands municipal services. No one asks local government to reduce libraries, police or fire services, public works, utilities, recreation or other programs.

While local government may have to cut programs from time-to-time because tax revenues decline, the demand for services is quite steady.

3. Learning Abounds
Local governments operate in a very dynamic environment. Changing citizen demand, new federal and state laws and regulations, technology advances, demographic changes, new value trends and other societal forces will soon make technical skills obsolete. Consequently, local governments need agile learners who are eager to pick up new ways of doing business or delivering services. Simply put, we are looking for young people and second- and third-career people who provide “learn-how,” as well as “know-how” to our public organization.

4. Plenty of Opportunities
Again, longtime Baby-Boomer employees (born 1946-1964) are now retiring. Local government needs a new generation of younger workers, as well as those considering second or third careers. Consider local government if:

• You want meaningful and challenging work
• You want to make a difference and build and improve communities
• You are interested in learning.

Public Service: Good for you and good for the community. For current job openings in the City of Covina go to For current job opening in cities throughout the state go to