Growth Dimensions

On behalf of Growth Dimensions, we welcome you to our region! Whether you have chosen Boone County as a place to visit, a place to call home or a place to discover, allow Growth Dimensions be one of your first stops. Growth Dimensions is pleased to provide the knowledge and resources essential to successful entrepreneurship.

Growth Dimensions provides a progressive and cooperative environment to enhance the quality of life by fostering economic opportunity and personal growth. Growth Dimensions is advancing a coordinated economic development strategy to create jobs, promote community assets and stimulate capital investment through business retention and attraction.

Through our collaborative efforts with companies, academia and the public sector, we continue to create favorable conditions and sustainable growth for industry throughout the region. Producing an environment and foundation for businesses to build and grow with reduced risks is our priority. It is vital to provide these services throughout a business cycle, adjusting our response to the vast needs of businesses today and for tomorrow.

Some examples of our economic development efforts that have influenced the growth in Boone County include:

  • Providing facts and statistics about commerce, business and workforce.
  • Facilitating international and domestic relationships.
  • Presenting strategies in response to issues that may strengthen the competitive advantages of companies in the region.
  • Serving as a conduit between the political and business spheres and facilitating solutions.
  • Collaborating and cooperating regionally, resulting in greater impact.
  • Enhancing opportunities by strengthening Boone County’s infrastructure for future growth.
  • Targeting and focusing efforts to attract investments from emerging industries that help diversify our economic base.

For more information on how Growth Dimensions can help you, call (815) 547-4252 or visit