Health Care

Centra Southside Community Hospital

With a tradition of caring for Farmville and the surrounding areas since 1927, Centra Southside Community Hospital remains committed to offering high-quality care and a range of services, including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, pulmonology, pediatrics, surgical services, urology, nephrology, family medicine, hospice and home health and emergent care. The Centra PACE Program’s (Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) mission is to enhance life for older adults with chronic needs by providing care and services from a team of compassionate, qualified professionals. Centra recently opened a new Cath Lab.

During an illness, life keeps moving, and receiving the best care close to home is vital. Centra Southside Community Hospital’s dedicated staff believes your community is a better place to heal. They work with physicians throughout the region to bring a comprehensive set of services to you.

Centra Southside Community Hospital also includes family practice locations in Cumberland, Keysville, Burkeville and Farmville.

From family medicine and emergency services to neurosurgery, hospice and sleep medicine, Centra Southside delivers the physicians, specialists and technology to keep our community well.

Centra SCH boasts many cutting edge medical centers and services, including: a birth center, gastrointestinal and liver disease services, a full cardiology program, new MRI and CT center, Emergency services and a sleep laboratory.

You will find a Riverside Roasters Coffee and full-service gift shop just off of the renovated and comfortable Centra SCH lobby. There is a new registration area, as well a beautiful piano for guests to enjoy and play.

Centra staff and volunteers work the lobby to greet patients and guide them through the hospital.


The Centra Southside Medical Center in the shopping center at Southgate, is a 50,000-square-foot medical facility. Dialysis, laboratory and X-ray services, primary care medicine with extended hours six days a week, rehabilitation and physical therapy and orthopedic services will be offered in the new building. Also, new pediatric center just opened there, and there are psychiatric services for adults.


Improving the quality of the community’s health is a full-time job. Centra Southside Community Hospital is proactive in bringing full-time, board-certified physicians and specialists to join our established team, as well as new medical practices to the communities it serves. To meet your needs, Centra Southside Community Hospital continues to grow and enhance its team of expert doctors, nurses and technicians. Centra Southside Community Hospital is committed to providing high-quality health care close to home.

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