Building on a rich history of prosperity, innovation and culture of equity since 1907, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of a unified business community. Founded at the turn of the century by Dayton business leader John H. Patterson, owner of the renowned National Cash Register Company, the chamber is committed to advancing prosperity and a high quality of life for communities, government entities, nonprofits and businesses.

Reflecting the deep values of a founder highly attuned to community outreach and betterment, the chamber began shaping Dayton’s progressive future very quickly. First and foremost business leaders understood that advocacy on behalf of business would become one of the chamber’s most powerful tools. The chamber began by seeking funding for infrastructure, resulting in the construction of five new dams by 1922. Next, the chamber’s Air Service Committee helped to educate and persuade Congress to choose Dayton as the prime city for the government’s aeronautical research and development center. Today, Dayton is Ohio’s official aerospace hub and center of excellence, focused on opportunities that help businesses grow and garnering millions of dollars of research investments in the region.