History of Snowflake

History of Snowflake AZ

Brigham Young, the Mormon prophet, and several men left their Utah residences in April of 1877 to establish a site in the Arizona region. William Jordan Flake, one of these men, and A.Z. Palmer, his brother-in-law, traveled to and from neighboring New Mexico, eventually finding themselves near the Silver Creek spring. The two followed the spring and stumbled upon James Stinson’s ranch, of which Flake ended up buying. Flake and Palmer brought their families to the area in 1878.

Soon after the families established residence, Erastus Snow, a Mormon apostle, suggested the area be named Snowflake after himself and Flake. Thus, the town of Snowflake was officially founded. As more Mormon pioneers settled in the community, churches, schools and other buildings were constructed.

Today, the community has seen a gradual growth in population and is the site for commerce and economic opportunity in the northeastern part of Arizona.

Taylor’s Heritage
The first to arrive to the area was James Pearce and his wife Mary Jane in January of 1878. Two months later, John Standifird arrived with his daughter. The two settled their homes just upstream where crop growth would be best. Soon, additional Latter-Day Saint families moved to the Silver Creek region from Utah, aiding in the development of the community.

The site was named Taylor after John Taylor, the successor to Brigham Young as the president of the Latter-Day Saints church.

The two towns have become appealing to many families and businesses with their close-knit lifestyles, recreational sites, beautiful scenery, mild climate and much more. Snowflake and Taylor currently stand as two of the fastest-growing towns in northeastern Arizona.