Healthy Living

In myriad different ways institutions and businesses in Hoffman Estates strive to keep everyone healthy, well and out of the hospital.

‘In sickness and in health’

AMITA Health is at the forefront of Hoffman Estates’ healthy revolution with its “In Sickness and In Health” motto. They are committed to providing the public with the best care when they are ill and with the best health information when they are well.

For instance, AMITA Health provides a very successful employee wellness program to local companies and municipalities that don’t have the expertise or manpower to implement one on their own, said Berenice M. Carlson, associate vice president of customer engagement – wellness for AMITA Health.

AMITA Health has also initiated the Healing Touch Clinic for cancer patients to stay as well as possible. The clinic uses an energy-based therapeutic approach restore balance and support the self-healing process. Using a light touch in a compassionate and intentional way, practitioners can help relieve anxiety, pain and stress and reduce the side effects of the treatments for cancer.

Screenings and other outreaches into the community are another part of AMITA Health’s wellness initiatives. Cholesterol and blood pressure screenings are often held at libraries and other public places within Hoffman Estates.

By far the organization’s most high-profile annual outreach to the community, however, is the AMITA Health Fitness for America event held each July. This huge event features a half-marathon, 10K and 5K runs, a nighttime fun run and two inline skating events – a half-marathon and a 7K skate.

AMITA Health uses this festival to demonstrate to the community that you don’t have to be a stellar athlete to get out there and enjoy and participate in active events.

Leading a well-balanced life

A relatively new business, the Wholesome Health Mart Pharmacy at 2069 Barrington Rd., is also making a contribution to the health of Hoffman Estates residents. It offers all the traditional tools found in a large pharmacy, as well as non-traditional ones like essential oils and targeted supplements (and make-up, creams and lotions that are as free of chemicals as possible, as well as gluten-free snacks).

“We feel that the more tools you have available to you, the better, if you want to live a well-balanced life,” said owner Matt Dhingra.

Wholesome Health Mart Pharmacy can customize medicines with flavorings for children and pets and can also mix special medicines and creams that have been prescribed by doctors but which are not commercially available.

“We give our customers the personal touch so we never rush people, we propose alternatives to high-priced medicines and we actually encourage questions,” Dhingra said. “In fact, we offer a free monthly seminar on a variety of topics and also offer free shipping to those who need it.”

“At Wholesome Health Mart Pharmacy we have chosen to integrate holistic and traditional medicines and make them more accessible to both physicians and their patients,” he added.

Encouraging healthy habits

The Hoffman Estates Park District is also “committed to ensuring access to leisure and health/wellness programming for everyone,” said Sandy Manisco, communications and marketing superintendent. “We have three membership-based fitness centers, but we have also initiated our free once-a-month, 90-minute “Hoffman Walks” program to help residents become familiar with the community’s 72 parks and to offer an entry-level fitness activity without any associated cost.”

“Our hope is that once an individual makes walking a habit, that this will lead them to more kinds of activity,” added Colleen Palmer, superintendent of recreation.

The district’s largest fitness center is its Prairie Stone Sports & Wellness Center. It is a multi-dimensional fitness center that offers its members the complete fitness experience as well as ancillary programs (some for an additional fee) like personal training, orthopedic rehabilitation, health coaching and nutrition seminars.

The health of Hoffman Estates children is also a concern with epidemic of childhood obesity in the United States. To address this issue, the District has initiated a childhood obesity initiative which offers health tips and programming to target this issue.

“Throughout the Park District over the last three years we have seen our patrons concentrating on their overall lifestyle instead of just on physical fitness. They are now interested in nutrition, stress management, physical fitness and achieving a better quality of life,” explained Katie Basile, Superintendent of Facilities for the Park District.

Making a mark on the health of hoffman estates

DuPage Medical Group (DMG), which came to Hoffman Estates last September by acquiring over the former Northwest Health Care Associates medical group at 2359 Hassel Rd. in Hoffman Estates and later, Westbrook Internal Medicine Group at 1555 N. Barrington Rd., is also making its mark on the health of Hoffman Estates.

DMG, the largest physician-owned and operated multi-specialty group in the Chicago area that can treat patients from head to toe, is now providing exceptional, accessible medical care to residents of Hoffman Estates and other nearby suburbs.

A range of health care services are available, including primary care consisting of family medicine and internal medicine, along with specialty care including cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology and pulmonary medicine. The Hassell Road location also features lab services, radiology testing and a state-of-the-art accredited endoscopy lab where colonoscopies and gastrointestinal endoscopies are performed.

Additional testing is available at nearby DMG office buildings in Bloomingdale, Glen Ellyn and Lisle. The Lisle location also includes DMG’s highly comprehensive integrated oncology program, which is the only accredited freestanding cancer center in Illinois.

The group’s comprehensive network of hundreds of independent physicians cover virtually every specialty from internal fetal medicine to spine surgery and well beyond. DMG physicians are easily able to confer among themselves, refer patients to one another and share medical records through an integrated medical record and the MyChart patient portal. And all accept the same insurance plans, making life easier for patients in today’s challenging medical environment.

“Our goal at DuPage Medical Group is to provide exceptional medical care to all patients in the communities we serve,” said Maria McGowan, vice president, marketing.

To learn more about DuPage Medical Group or to schedule an appointment online, visit

Making the most of retirement years

Finally, Brookdale Hoffman Estates at 1515 Barrington Rd., previously known as The Devonshire, can make every moment of retirement count. That’s because Brookdale provides everything seniors need to make the most of their retirement years. They have a fitness room with a fitness coach who puts together individual fitness plans for residents and they offer group classes daily. Hospitality and wellness are key components to living at Brookdale Hoffman Estates. With a number of planned activities and award-winning programs, there is always something enriching, informative or entertaining to do.

But the physical side of wellness is not all with which they concern themselves. Brookdale offers programs which help residents physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and intellectually and give them purpose in their lives. Brookdale offers programs which help residents live at their peak level and within a lifestyle that promotes health, wholeness and fulfillment.

Their chef-prepared food provided by dining services also plays a major part in the health of residents, offering fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Healthy meal options are delineated on every menu and residents in need of special diets are accommodated. Residents can enjoy delicious entrees all day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Brookdale Hoffman Estates’ exceptional blend of hospitality, service and care can give residents the freedom to live life as they choose and please.