Our Local Government

City & county

Kingsville is the county seat for Kleberg County; it houses both city and county offices. City offices are located at Third and King Avenue. This building is an original school that has been restored and houses the City Hall The mission of our city government is to promote the safety, health and general well-being of the community.

The Kleberg County Courthouse is centrally located in the downtown area at Kleberg and 11th Street. Through the efforts of our city police, county sheriff and judicial system, citizens of Kingsville and Kleberg County are ensured of safety, security, quality of life and, most importantly, civic pride.


Naval Air Station (NAS) Kingsville is only one of two facilities in the United States that houses training facilities for United States Navy and Marine Corps tactical jet and E-2/C-2 pilots to be trained. Upon completion of this training, Navy and Marine Corps Officers are designated as Naval Aviators and receive their coveted “Wings of Gold.” The United States Army has completed the building of a new facility at NAS Kingsville to house a company of Army Medevac helicopters. Homeland Security is also housed at NAS Kingsville, with over 300 agents and support staff of the U.S. Border Patrol, making NAS Kingsville a multi-service facility.