Residential Membership

Abedian, Clara
Anderson, Pat
Argue, Liz
Backer, Howard
Bautista, Bob and Cathie
Beattie, Kim
Beles, Josef and Judith
Berg, Joanne
Betaivaz, Juliet
Blake, Jeff and Barbara
Brown, Gregory and Joyce
Buchanan, Brian and Mary Rotzien
Chalison, John and Judy
Chi, Jay and Jean
Christensen, Carl and Irene
Chun, Kevin and Lucile
Coates, Doris
Craven, Caroline
Craven, Robert and Elizabeth
Croft, Janice
Curtis, Lisa and Jon
Dawson, Jack and Barbara
Del Guercio, Steve and Elysa
Dginguerian, Amy
Draper, Fraser and Dee
Drugan, Dan
Drummond J.D., Dr. Maria M.
Ecker, Roland and Dottie
Eich, Keith
Elmassian, Richard and Robin
Fiske, Mary Lou
Freeman, Nancy
Fried, Deanne
Frohlich, Rahla Hall
Fults, Linda E.
Gant, Brenda and Hughes, Jeff
Gant, Daryal and Mary
Gee-McAuley, Karen
Gelhaar, Charles J.
Green, John
Grippi, Richard
Haemmerle, Vance
Hammons, Harriet
Hemphill, Clyde and Barbara
Hibner, Don and Scarlett
Hills, Anne
Hingst, Donald
Holt, James and Beverly
Hook, Rosemary
Horn, Kobey and Karen
Horner, Michael
Horst, Eldon
Hutchins, Otis and Pat
Jeffries, Dan and Andrea
Juett, Dorothy A.
Kassakhian, Ardashes
Kindel, Patty
Koblin, Allen and Helen
Koskenmaki, Matt
Kristich Decker, Marija
Landrum, John and Diane
Lauenstein, Teri
Leininger, Mike and Nancy
Levine, Victor and Alexandra
Linden, David and Katherine
Liu, Carol and Peevey, Michael
Longo, Jr., Sam and Darla
Lund, David and Helen
Mac Iver, Jane
MacDougall, Teryl
MacInnes, Betty Jane
Magarian, Linda
Mahoney, Debby and Colin
Malekzadeh, Mohammad
Malouf, Albert and Nancy
Manning, Donald and Rose
Markgraf, Katherine and Phil
Mathews, Sookie
McCoy, JoAnn
Mellema, Michael B.
Melone, Martin and Donna
Meyers, Ron and Tanya
Morton, Sheri and David
Neilson, Ann and Bob
Nguyen, Ann
Olhasso, Bill and Laura
Palermo, Catherine and Peter
Park, Analily and Ed
Pass, Jenny
Passanisi, Tom and Dulce
Patel, Mitul and Rebecca
Patterson, Doris
Perry, Mike
Pieroni, Len and Brenda
Pieroni, Marilyn
Platt, Steven R.
Plowman, Charles
Poindexter, Karen
Portantino, Anthony and Ellen
Potter, Joshua and Dorothy
Printup, Carter and Mitzi
Puglia, Kaitzer
Quinn, Rex and Margaret
Radabaugh, Joe
Reilly, Mike and Michelle
Reynolds, Millicent
Reynolds, Tom and Meredith
Rodick, Erin and Kevin
Russell, Ned and Shirley
Sarkisian, Arsen and Gilda
Sarkisian, Nick and Kamelia
Sarkisian, Sam and Elizabeth
Schlueter, Gigi and Jim
Schulz, Paul and Diana
Settles, Carol and Jim
Shanley, Barry and Susan
Silversparre, Dave and Kris
Simison, Sylvia
Smith, Marilyn M.
Steele, Craig
Stewart, Ann
Stibal, Gary and Diane
Stoner, Bill and Nancy
Strapazon, Ernest and Roseann
Strassburg, Justin
Stumbaugh, Pamela J.
Thompson, Joe and Lynne
Thompson, Melinda and Scherkey, William
Thurston, Nancy
Totta, Leonard
Traviss, Patricia
Vickers, Paul and Bonnie
Voss, Donald and Lynn
Wade, Patrick J.
Wallace, James and Jeanne
Wallace, Robert and Beverly
Webster, Mr. and Mrs John P.
Welk, Larry
Westmoreland, Paul
Williams, Joan and Donald
Wong, Irwin and Judith
Wooldridge, Bobbi Sue
Woolls, Paul
Wyatt, Phil and Wendy