Lake County government is a public body consisting of the Lake County Board and eight independently elected officials, including the sheriff, coroner, county clerk, circuit clerk, recorder of deeds, regional office of education, state’s attorney and treasurer.

The Lake County Board is made up of 21 members who represent the residents in their respective districts, and is responsible for legislative policy and budget oversight of county government. The Lake County Board meets regularly at 9 a.m. the second Tuesday of every month on the 10th floor of the County Building, 18 N. County St., Waukegan.

Board meetings can be seen on LCTV or

Lake County Government

Lake County Board Chairman
Sandy Hart

Circuit Court Clerk
Erin Cartwright Einstein

Dr. Howard Cooper

County Clerk
Robin O’Connor

Recorder of Deeds
Mary Ellen Vanderventer

Regional Office of Education
Roycealee Wood

John Idleburg

State’s Attorney
Michael Nerheim

Holly Kim

Lake County Board Members

Linda Pedersen District 1
Diane Hewitt District 2
Dick Barr District 3
Brent Paxton District 4
Judy Martini District 5
John Wasik District 6
Steve Carlson District 7
Bill Durkin District 8
Mary Ross Cunningham District 9
Jessica Vealitzek District 10
Paul Frank District 11
S. Michael Rummel District 12
Sandy Hart District 13
Angelo D. Kyle District 14
Jennifer Clark District 15
Terry Wilke District 16
Michael Danforth District 17
Julie Simpson District 18
Craig Taylor District 19
Adam R. Didech District 20
Ann Maine District 21