Lakeview’s Coolest Cocktails

Lakeview’s Coolest Cocktails

Lakeview is home to a range of well-known establishments that serve innovative and experimental drinks alongside the classics.

Ella Elli is a crowd favorite, with an extensive list of cocktails served at all hours. They love to highlight their Rosemary Gimlet, which contains Ketel One Grapefruit & Rose, lime juice, simple syrup, grapefruit juice, and a spritz of green chartreuse.

According to Marketing Manager Lindsey Kamberos, here’s the secret: “Take the sprig of rosemary, curl it at the bottom of the glass, six sprays of green chartreuse. Light the rosemary (on fire). Let it burn for a few seconds until you smell the smoking rosemary—then dump ice on top of the flame to put it out. Pour all ingredients in a shaker—shake for 15 seconds. Pour the mixture over ice.”

Refined Italian restaurant Coda di Volpe has a wide variety of drinks, including a special “After Dinner Drinks” menu with dessert. If you are searching for something with Italian flare, Coda di Volpe serves it up. Try the Stolen Vespa, the Stella Candente or the Spiced Cranberry Orange Lightworks–a slushie cocktail in the style of the Italian sgroppino.

Explore another taste of Italy at La Gondola. Their Limoncello Martini is a must when you visit, transporting you straight to the coast of Southern Italy.

Tied House is a restaurant connected to Schubas Tavern music venue, making it the perfect place to stop before a show. You have to try the Tied House Old Fashioned, made with Evan Williams bourbon and Schlitz Demerara syrup.

Ryan Beshel, founder and creative director, shared, “We make a simple syrup using Schlitz lager instead of water and Demerara sugar instead of white sugar. This gives the syrup a malty richness that we love. Finished with house bitters, a large cube and both an orange and lemon swath, it’s been on the menu since day one.”

Another Lakeview staple is The Pony Inn. You may know them for their great beer selection, but The Pony Inn also has amazing brunch cocktails. Stop in to try their Bloody Mary—it may just be the best one you’ve ever had.

Lastly, Tuco & Blondie is a modern Mexican restaurant that boasts a long list of different mezcals, tequilas and margaritas. Their special cocktail list with Latin American favorites, such as the mojito and paloma, will leave you craving a vacation south of the border. Be sure to try the El Diablo, with tequila and chile liqueur. Whether it’s a casual happy hour or a special occasion, Lakeview’s drink selection has so much to offer.