Hotels and Lodging

There are more than 900 rooms available at hotels, inns and bed-and-breakfasts across Lincoln Park for your out-of-town guests or next staycation. We recommend staying at one  of the great destinations in Lincoln Park and working closely  with the concierges or owners to craft the perfect day for you and your family.

Anchored at Lincoln and Clark, Hotel Lincoln offers unparalleled access to Lincoln Park’s walking paths, restaurants, ponds, sculptures and attractions. With a trendy, yet vintage design, rooms feature some of the best views in the city. Take the elevator to their rooftop bar, The J. Parker, for tasty bites and cocktails with an incredible view of Chicago’s skyline, Lincoln Park Zoo and Lake Michigan or enjoy gorgeous park views over brunch and specialty cocktails at The Kennison.

Looking for more of a home away from home? Lincoln Park has got you covered! When searching popular sites like Airbnb, Vacation Rentals By Owner and HomeAway there are plenty of options ranging from the affordable to the luxurious in Lincoln Park. Villa D’Citta, a European-influenced bed-and-breakfast tucked in the charming Armitage – Halsted hub, provides stunning rooms, friendly service and unique amenities. In addition to a great meal, White Oak Tavern & Inn also offers the perfect lodging destination for a range of celebrations including family reunions, girls/boys weekend trips and wedding/holiday gatherings.

A fun, vibrant and energetic neighborhood awaits you in Lincoln Park. Book your stay in the community to experience a whole new adventure

in Chicago! For more information on the lodging options available in Lincoln Park, check out page 65 in the directory.