Chamber History

The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce enjoys a long legacy of business leadership in the local community. Records show that the Livermore Chamber of Commerce was in existence at least as early as 1926. However, it wasn’t until 1937 that the Chamber filed its articles of incorporation with the office of the California Secretary of State. Since then, the Chamber has been operated by professional staff with oversight and guidance provided by an elected board of directors.

In 2011, the Livermore Chamber of Commerce board of directors approved changing the name of the organization to the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce, reflecting the reach of the organization beyond city limits. Over its more than 80 years, diverse business interests have been reflected in the Chamber’s leadership, with a distinguished list of men and women chairing its board of directors since 1932. For more on its history visit

LVCC Mission Statement

The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce enhances the business environment and quality of life in the Livermore Valley through innovation, leadership, visionary programs and powerful connections.

Livermore Chamber of Commerce Chairs

Joe Schenone 1932
Lee Straiger 1936-1938
Al Bonne1 943
Manuel Duarte1946
Howard Berg 1947
Joe Michell 1948-1950
Andrew Perry 1951-1953
Steve Palmer 1953
Lloyd Beebe 1954
Larry McClasky 1955
Ray Centoni 1957
Earl Odell 1959-1960
Bill Clark 1960-1961
John Hein 1961-1962
Al Clement 1962-1963
Earl Duarte 1963
Burke M. Critchfield 1964-1966
James D. Nordahl 1966
Pete Minkler 1967-1968
Cecil A. Beebe 1969
Earl Mason 1970
Milt Codiroli 1971-1973
Ken Mercer 1972
E.E. Gene Morgan 1974
Marshall H. Kamena 1975
Bill Manis 1976
Robert Bruns 1977
Duane White 1978-1979
Jim Coleman 1980
Bonnie Hartwig 1982
Bernie Ertel 1983
Bill Webster 1984
Sue Dell’Acqua 1985
Don Logan 1986
Bob Maguire 1987
Tom O’Malley 1988
Heidi Hansen Bowes 1989
Mark Codiroli 1990
Gib Souza 1991
Linda Maguire 1992
Terry Crane 1993
Weldon Moreland 1994
Dave Mulqueeney 1995
Robert Goodwin 1996
Sam Palermo Jr.1997-1998
Ginger Staton 1999
John Billheimer 2000
Al Jensen 2001
Karen Hughes 2001-2002
Mark Triska 2003
Jim Ott 2004-2005
Kevin Aguilera 2006
John Mahoney 2007
Sblend Sblendorio 2008
David Kent 2009
Ron Vyse 2010
Christine Wente 2011
Tim Tikalsky 2012
Jay Davis 2013
Jennifer Thaete 2014
John Sutton 2015
Brendan Finley 2016-2017
Steve Larranaga 2018