Business and Economic Development

In a word, the employment base and workforce is diversified in the Lodi area. Our roots are in agriculture, with Lodi serving as the heart of the premium wine category. Winegrape production is the engine that drives the economics of the Lodi-Woodbridge region.

The 90,000 acres of vineyards produce annually a crop worth in excess of $300 million. Nearly 20 percent of California’s premium wine grapes are grown in the Lodi Appellation. Truly, Lodi is the Winegrape Capital of the World. Lodi is the No. 1 producing region in California for the following varieties: Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Merlot. Learn more at

Industry large and small is found in Lodi.The world’s greatest hot dog is made in Lodi Miller Hot Dogs relocated to Lodi in 2002. Pacific Coast Producers has its world headquarters here as well. They can and pack fruits and vegetables from several plants and a vast distribution complex in Lodi. Woodbridge-Robert Mondavi also produces and distributes their products from some of the world’s largest
wine facilities.

The plastics industry is well represented in Lodi by Apache Plastics/CertainTeed, and several others. Large injection molders including Schaefer Systems International, Scientific Specialties, and specialty manufacturer/molder, Cepheid, all are prospering in the Lodi economy.

Lodi has a vast array of general services companies, from Lodi Iron Works, Holtz Rubber, Kubota Tractor, Lustre-Cal Nameplate Corporation, trailer hitch manufacturer Valley Industries and a Styrofoam container manufacturer, Dart Container, as well as major employers
such as Blue Shield of California who recently expanded their facilities and made Lodi their permanent home.

Lodi is ripe for further expansion in high-tech and distribution services as major interstates connect the Bay Area and Sacramento/Capital region via Lodi’s outskirts.

The “cornerstone” to Lodi’s business success is the city-owned and operated electric utility system. Lodi Electric Utility offers unlimited, reliable electric power to the citizens and businesses in Lodi. The system has over 23,000 customers, 205 miles of distribution lines and has the admiration of the entire community. For more details,
go to

Lodi works in conjunction with the San Joaquin Business Partnership, a progressive public-private, nonprofit economic development corporation designed to recruit and assist business and industry to locate into our area. Visit for more information.

Lodi is home to 65,000 people and over 3,000 businesses of all sizes and varieties, and they all enjoy the special qualities that make Lodi a wonderful community in which to both live and work.

Financial services

A wide-range of financial and banking services are available in Lodi for both businesses and individuals, and these institutions actively support existing and future growth in the community. Financial institutions have been integral players in the development of new residential and commercial opportunities that benefit everyone in Lodi.

Whether looking to enjoy a comfortable retirement, finance an education, build personal wealth or start a business, Lodi’s banks and financial advisors help navigate market conditions to meet your goals.