Mason City Churches

Residents of North Iowa are deeply rooted in their faith. People embrace the religious diversity that exists in the community, where Catholic Masses and Lutheran sermons are among the voices heard.

The First Congregational United Church of Christ built a chapel in Mason City shortly after the area was settled. Today, more than 55 congregations representing many denominations meet weekly to uplift, strengthen and support one another. Newcomers to the area are welcomed and are encouraged to find a worship service to meet their needs. Each congregation has its own personality, and you are sure to find one that suits you.

North Iowans are servant-leaders. Volunteers hold frequent food drives to fill the Hawkeye Harvest Food Pantry and serve daily meals at Community Kitchen. The homeless are offered shelter at Trinity House of Hope and the Northern Lights Homeless Shelter. In a time of emotional need, people can turn to their choice of top-notch counseling options.

Cultural diversity and religious diversity go hand-in-hand, as many faiths are represented in Cerro Gordo County. Recommit, reconnect, or explore a new faith-based community. A congregation warmly awaits you.

Local churches provide an opportunity for family experiences and expanding your social circle to include healthy-minded, supportive people. The following churches are members of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce and welcome your participation:

  • First Baptist Church
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ
  • First Covenant Church
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Grace United Methodist Church
  • Praise Community Church
  • Rolling Acres Christian Reformed Church
  • St. James Lutheran Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Trinity Lutheran Church