Fort Rucker – The Home of Army Aviation

Supporting the military has been a rich and proud tradition for more than 60 years in Enterprise. So much, in fact, that in Enterprise, the word “military” has become synonymous with “The Home of Army Aviation” – Fort Rucker.

Established in 1941 as a boot camp for the infantry in WWII, the post quickly became the training and proving grounds for tank divisions, replacement troops and the Women’s Army Corp. Formerly known as Camp Rucker, it was closed for several years in the 1950s, but was given new life in 1954 when the Army Aviation School moved here from Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

Camp Rucker would officially take the name Fort Rucker in October 1955 and has remained active since. In 1973 all of the Army aviation flight training was consolidated at Fort Rucker, turning the post into a Mecca for Army Aviators. In 1983, the Secretary of the Army signed the official order, which would establish Fort Rucker as “The Home of Army Aviation.”

Today, Fort Rucker is the primary site for virtually all-initial rotary wing and associated aviation safety courses in the U.S. military, as well as some NATO countries.