Entrepreneurs Initiative

Mount Prospect Entrepreneurs Initiative gives residents the tools to start a business

Attracting new businesses to Mount Prospect to bolster tax revenue and serve residents is the mission of the Mount Prospect Entrepreneurs Initiative (MPEI), a consortium made up of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce, the Village of Mount Prospect and Mount Prospect Public Library.

For the past seven years, the MPEI has been actively reaching out to residents who have dreamed of starting their own businesses and given them advice and direction to resources they need to make their dreams come true – hopefully, within Mount Prospect borders.

“When people call the Chamber and say that they are interested in starting their own business, we tell them that it CAN be done and we want you to do it in Mount Prospect!” said Dawn Fletcher Collins, executive director of the Mount Prospect Chamber of Commerce.

“Convenient access to information is vital for entrepreneurs, whose schedules are hectic,” said Nellie Beckner, assistant to the village manager.

MPEI tries to make it easier to connect business owners and prospects with topics of interest to them through their web page on the village website (www.mountprospect.org/MPEI), social media and e-newsletters. The website features information on upcoming MPEI programming, workshops and films as well as details about events sponsored by local business organizations. Such
information is also shared on Facebook (@MPEI60056) and through Twitter (@MPEntrepreneurs) and the e-newsletter that is sent directly to interested subscribers’ inboxes.

“One of the most exciting new projects for the MPEI in 2018 has been the development of business podcasts, which can be found on the MPEI page,” said Joe Collier, business reference librarian at the Mount Prospect Public Library. “We wanted to take the knowledge and experience shared by our Advisors (local Mount Prospect business owners with proven records of success and community involvement) during our Access 2 Advisors (A2A) live events and make it available to anyone interested.”

Every A2A guest answers the same five questions related to core concepts relevant to new entrepreneurs. Their enlightening responses can be listened to individually or in entirety.

“So far, the response has been wonderful, and we plan on sharing many more over time,” Collier added.

“Annual MPEI team goals also include increasing the tool kit offerings to prospects and new and existing business owners. In addition, in 2019 we will have a shared office space experience available. Follow us; we are growing!” Collins said.