Public Library

Mount Prospect Public Library marks 75 years of service to the community

For 75 years, Mount Prospect Public Library has been a welcoming, trusted community hub, gathering place, forum and information source that prides itself on connecting residents to opportunity, entertainment and lifelong learning at two locations in the village.

The library’s commemoration in 2018 focused on four themes: the arts, technology, service and community. These themes point to the amazing number of opportunities the library has made available to residents throughout the last 75 years and will continue to provide in the future.

Artistic expression will continue to be integral to the atmosphere and offerings at the library. Concerts are held throughout the year; all ages can participate in craft, painting and other hands-on classes; and public art around the building makes it a welcoming and beautiful place.

The anniversary year featured many chances for patrons to try out a new technologies, including virtual reality. The 3D printer is usually humming with activity, creating designs sent by patrons, librarians are always available to help set up e-readers and connect to downloadable e-books and classes on social media platforms keep everyone connected.

The library are committed to maintaining the highest standards of service – and being the friendly, welcoming staff you look forward to seeing. The redesigned lobby offers patrons more options and choice in how they use the library. Along with a staffed service desk, there is now a self-service zone with checkout machines and an area for held items as well as public computers, a scanner and a copier.

The library’s ties to the community have always been an integral part of its history, and these bonds will only get stronger. Whether library staff come to you at school, at an event or during a community conversation, or you visit the library to rent a meeting room, attend a program or just find a quiet corner to read a book, they will keep connecting you to opportunities for exploration.