Government Services

Ontario operates under the mayor-council form of city government. The city council establishes policies and hires a city manager to oversee the implementation of these policies. The city manager serves as the chief executive officer, otherwise known as the local government’s head of the executive branch. The Ontario city council is voter-elected and composed of six councilors and one mayor, the latter of which serves as the head of the legislative branch. In the private sector, the council could be referred to as the “board of directors.” The mayor is similar to the “chairman of the board.” City council meetings are generally held at city hall, starting at 7 p.m., on the third Tuesday of each month. For more information, visit the city’s official site at

Fire Department

The Ontario Fire and Rescue Department consists of 41 personnel dedicated to protecting residents of the Treasure Valley. The department contains nine professional firefighters, 30 volunteer firefighters, a full-time fire chief and a full-time administrative assistant. The department is tasked with emergency response to fire, medical, hazardous material and special rescue. For more information, visit

Police Department

The Ontario Police Department provides public safety, police and dispatch services 24 hours a day. Fingerprinting, permits, licenses, crime prevention, animal control and property issues are also covered in this department. The police department has 27 employees and four reserve officers in three separate divisions: administration, field operations and support services. For more information, visit

Important Phone Numbers

Emergency 911
Argus Observer (541) 889-5387
Cable One (877) 692-2253
Cascade Natural Gas (541) 889-5391
City hall front desk (541) 889-7684
Idaho Power (800) 488-6151
Century Link (541) 889-5321
Motor vehicle license & registration (541) 889-8712
Ontario Recreation Department (541) 889-7946
Ontario Library (541) 889-6371
Ontario Sanitary Service (541) 889-5719
Police (Non-emergency) (541) 473-5125
Post Office (541) 889-6692