Residential Living

Ontario is a budding city with a rural atmosphere, low crime rate and an energetic population. Potential homeowners can choose from an abundance of residences, both in and out of the city limits, with various lot sizes. Our selection of houses comes in an assortment of styles and values. Luxurious country settings carry a rather steep price tag, but are well worth the investment. Picturesque landscapes overlooking scenic views are available throughout the area. For those interested in an agricultural business, several farms and ranches are available to meet such needs. Rental units are readily available for residents both new and old.

A number of real estate companies, many of which have experience in agricultural land and commercial properties, are situated in town for your own convenience. Several property management companies are also prepared to assist new residents who may be looking for a rental situation. Also, Ontario boasts a rental association and a Realtors’ association.