Residential Living

Living in Ozark offers an opportunity to enjoy a positive community spirit and an excellent location to raise a family or spend one’s retirement years. You will find schools, health care, shopping and worship centers in close proximity to almost all available housing options.

In 2017, Ozark was rated in the top 200 American cities for first-time home buyers in a study conducted by LendEDU. Using data collected on 300,000 U.S. cities, Ozark was highly rated in measures, such as median household value, mortgage success rate, low property tax rate, and cost-of-living index.

Housing prices in Ozark, as in any other city, vary according to location, size, features and age. The 2016 median price for a home in the Ozark and Dale County area was $85,600, well below the U.S. median price of $185,800. Furthermore, the 2016 home appreciation rates in Ozark have increased by 7.3 percent. Home ownership in Ozark offers the advantage of building financial equity with a valuable asset.

Local real estate companies conducting business in Ozark are staffed with licensed professionals well familiar with housing options in the area. Agents are knowledgeable regarding a wide range of financing choices to fulfill your home purchase. They can assist first-time home buyers, as well as new construction, investment property or land upon which buyers can build their dream home. The charm of Ozark, combined with the availability and affordability of new and existing homes, make it a great place to live.