Plainfield’s history is rooted in fur trading, timber supply, sawmills and other agricultural industries. Plainfield’s location near Chicago has made it an economic hub from the very beginning, with one of its earliest residents, Reuben Flagg, credited with delivering Chicago’s first pork shipment in 1831 and supplying timber to build Chicago’s first frame home.

With such an ideal location, along with a supportive local government, Plainfield’s business sector is constantly growing and evolving. Today, Plainfield residents hold jobs in a variety of areas and industries, with 66 percent holding white-collar jobs, 22 percent in blue-collar jobs and 11 percent in service jobs.

The economic center of Plainfield is its downtown area. Home to delicious restaurants with outdoor dining, unique shopping, entertainment venues and the Plainfield Public Library, downtown Plainfield is the place to be for both business and pleasure. A full calendar of events is held in downtown, as well, drawing great crowds from both near and far, and bringing more business to local shops and restaurants. Residents are always encouraged to shop locally whenever possible so that money spent in Plainfield stays in Plainfield.