Economic Development

The Prairie du Chien area has much to boast about, and assets such as its Midwestern location, dedication to revitalization and economic development and strong workforce continue to draw new business ventures to the community. Access to various transportation networks keeps Prairie du Chien connected to regional, national and international markets, as well as labor markets in neighboring counties in Wisconsin and Iowa.

The available workforce in Prairie du Chien is robust, with employees exhibiting that notable Midwestern work ethic. Much of the local employee base are products of the area’s excellent educational systems, technical schools and colleges. In addition to Crawford County, the counties of Grant in Wisconsin and Clayton and Allamakee in Iowa make up the primary labor access region for the city of Prairie du Chien.

The diversified economy in Prairie du Chien is comprised of several different components. The area hosts a successful mix of industrial firms, which range from local family-owned enterprises to global corporations. Design Homes, Inc., Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shop, 3M Co., Miniature Precision Components, Prairie Industries, Prairie Sand & Gravel, Universal Forest Products, Dillman/Aztec, Bennett Hardwoods, Rivertown Ironworks, Pattison Sand Company, LLC, Solomon Corporation, Dyesports and Wolf Machine, Inc., are among some of the area’s notable industrial-based companies.

While Prairie du Chien remains on the path of rejuvenation, especially in the downtown district, its surrounding areas are characterized by rich farmland. Agriculture remains an important part of the local and regional economy. A number of family farms utilize the state’s fertile upland soils and excellent climate to produce a variety of products.

Staying connected

Businesses in the area recognize the importance of staying connected in this ever-changing world. Prairie du Chien is connected to information available across the globe via the Internet. Dubbed the “information super highway”, Internet access is a major benefit for businesses in the area. Many businesses employ technology experts, who offer assistance with website development and maintenance, computer and network support, security issues and many other technological aspects. In addition, local utility and service providers work to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in this evolving era of technology development. w