Public Nuisance Health Hazard

Harwood Heights

Garbage containers are supplied by the disposal company. This program reduces rodents, lost lids and garbage overflow. Homeowners must use the 95-gallon refuse cart for all garbage and the 65-gallon recycling cart both with wheels and attached lids supplied by the refuse company.

All recyclable materials can be combined in the 65-gallon recycling cart. Upon request and verification, senior citizens 62 years old and better and handicapped persons will be provided a smaller refuse cart.

Additional refuse carts can be provided upon request for an additional fee. ARC will bill residents for additional refuse carts. Garbage carts must be placed in alleyways so as not to disrupt traffic. Garbage is picked up weekly and recycling is picked up every other week.

Materials to be removed: Regular household garbage to include all paper, magazines, bottles, cans, etc.; also included are couches, chairs, tables, box springs, mattresses and other miscellaneous furniture; household appliances including dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, hot water tanks and washing and drying machines.

Materials not included: Dirt, sod, rocks, bricks, concrete or car parts; building materials including roofing, lumber, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles; contractors materials including furnaces, central air units, carpeting; also any flammable, toxic or hazardous materials.

Toxic/hazardous material removal: Special pickup is required. For more information, contact Bosman/Arc at (708) 456-0004.

Yard Waste Service

Yard waste may be set out for pick up in either a paper yard waste bag or in a 30-35 gallon container. Brush needs to be bundled not larger than 50 pounds or longer than four feet. All grass clippings, garden waste, tree trimmings and leaves that are properly set out will be taken on garbage day. Whole trees, stumps, sod, dirt, rocks and tree limbs more than two feet in diameter will not be taken. Yard waste service will be available for eight months: April 1 through the end of November.

Weed Control

Grass and weeds of any kind exceeding eight inches in height is a violation during the growing season. Grass not being maintained is declared a nuisance, and the homeowner is subject to a fine.

Sweeping leaves into gutters prohibited. No person shall sweep leaves or other yard waste materials into the gutter for removal by the street sweeper. The sweeper operator will go around such materials and the property owner shall be issued a ticket. The property owner shall then pick up all materials and dispose of them in a proper manner as required by law.


As a matter of public health, no owner shall keep more than three dogs or three cats or any combination thereof totaling three in any single dwelling unit. Every owner of a cat or dog within the village shall annually by the first of May purchase a license to register the dog or cat (license fee is $2 for each animal). A current rabies tag number must be provided.

Garbage/materials to be removed

Acceptable materials and their preparation

The following items will be picked up by our scavenger service:

Garbage, general rubbish, small appliances, and not more than one per week of the following: furniture, refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, hot water tanks, mattresses, box springs and large couches. Never leave refrigerators or any other appliance with the doors on.

Materials not included

Items that will not be picked up with the regular garbage include: TVs, CRTs, flat screens, projection TVs and monitors, whole trees, dirt, sod, rocks, bricks, concrete, rubber tires, car parts, and building and remodeling materials such as lumber, roofing, drywall, ceiling and floor tiles and carpeting.

Furnaces and central air conditioning units are also considered building materials and will not be picked up with the regular garbage. A special pick-up for such items may be arranged with our scavenger for a fee. You may call them directly at (630) 333-3591.

The Village of Norridge holds two “Clean Up Weeks” each year, in spring and fall.


All dogs and cats in the village must have an animals license tag on their collar at all times. The cost of each tag is $5 and you must bring in proof of current rabies inoculation.

Please remember that there is a limit of no more than three dogs or cats or any combination thereof per household.