Residential Living

Residential Living in Madison NJ

Madison’s nickname, “The Rose City,” remains today as it celebrates the cultural roots and ethnic diversity that still define many of the Madison neighborhoods.

Older neighborhoods, rich in texture and character, boast an eclectic architectural collection of homes. A wide variety in housing sizes and styles are available, including picturesque pre-Revolutionary War cottages, Industrial period homes, Gilded Age mansions, turn-of-the-century Arts & Crafts bungalows, post-World War II garden apartments and neo-Colonial construction. There is a tree-lined, well-manicured Madison neighborhood to suit any taste.

Madison’s centrally situated historic downtown business district and train station emphasize an ambiance that tells the first-time visitor that this is a livable, friendly and walkable community. Most downtown structures support ground-floor retail space with residential living and office space above. Residents find they can walk to their neighbors, stores, church, school, cultural venues, parks and public transportation.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on transit-oriented design and thus an increase in development of residential units downtown. The recently completed development on the former Green Village Road School property is a prime example. The KRE Group built 100 luxury rental apartments (Rose Hall) and Mark Built Homes built 35 luxury for-sale condominiums (Madison Place).

Regardless of your current lifestyle, there is a tree-lined, well-manicured Madison neighborhood to suit any taste.